This is the restaurant/store “Rovegno” in Lima - Perú. Good food !!

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44 Apps That Turn Your Smartphone Into a Productivity Powerhouse (Infographic) f

I’m not an Apple fan…obviously the guys that made this video are addicted to the brand… anyway, they made a great job..

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Probably this song doesn’t have the best lyrics, but sounds fun..and is like it says:

"…But I do what I do cause I think it’s fun…"

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One of my favorite poems!

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Probably this song should be listened at night, but I believe that a good song could be listened any time. 

Against Me!’s style is unique, I prefere many bands before them, but no one has the style they have… “I don’t really care”, that’s what I think they express..

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Poetry is one of he best way to show a true soul… Czeslaw Milosz was a great poet, he had difficult times and most of his work is based on the way he looked the each situation…

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Frozen Mango Yoghurt | #Chef #ModeOn

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Awesome song… since the first time I felt a connection with this song

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Really Good song… have a good time listening to it

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